What Are Dental Implants and Why Are They Performed?

One of the important parts in a face is the teeth. A good smile in the face displaying the white shiny teeth not only makes you look attractive to others, but also boosts your self-confidence. It becomes imperative to maintain the teeth with good oral hygiene such that they will be long lasting and attractive.

Dentistry has made rapid and innovative strides in this field of medical care and many means are available to the people to have a good-looking smile in their face. The teeth are also the most vulnerable portions in the face. As part of the mouth and entry part for the food, the teeth and the gums holding the teeth can be a target for bacteria and other microorganisms that lead to diseases like gingivitis. When attacked by gingivitis, the tooth become vulnerable and might have to be lost for the disease. Not only gingivitis but also other periodontal diseases might also lead to loss of single tooth or teeth totally.

Dental Implant comes to rescue in such cases where a tooth or a series of teeth are lost due to the impact of periodontal disease.

Thus, a dental implant is nothing but the replacement of the lost tooth with an artificial tooth such that the face is not disfigured and the merits of having teeth can be enjoyed, despite losing the original tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease.

Dental implant can be performed if the entire tooth is totally lost and no effort to retain the damaged tooth can yield any meaningful result. In order to perform a dental implant, one should have good oral hygiene and generally good health.

Dental implant is preferred to be the ideal solution than other forms of treatment such as bridgework, because they provide better results and provide a long lasting solution that other form. The important feature of these implants is that the natural tooth, that is lost due to the disease or some other reason, and the root of the natural tooth, is totally replaced by an artificial tooth. The replaced tooth will resemble the natural tooth and will in no way affect the health of neighboring teeth. The loss of confidence following the loss of natural tooth or a series of teeth will be returned once a dental implant is carried out, and, more importantly, you, after dental implant, will forget that you have an artificial tooth or teeth in your mouth. That is the special feature of dental implant than other types of remedies for damaged teeth.

Once a dental implant is completed, either for a single tooth or for the entire teeth, a person will feel comfortable as if he is having the natural teeth. The artificial teeth implant will function as normal teeth and will look esthetic, returning back the smile and confidence back to the person. With proper maintenance and good oral hygiene, dental implants can serve a lifetime with comfort and smooth functioning capability.