Using Dental Lasers To Remove Heavy Metal Fillings

Laser silver mercury detoxification is a dental procedure involving dental lasers. For those who feel heavy metal complications are impeding their life and health in reversible ways, the procedure is an option. Consumers are often left to wonder if the metals placed in their fillings are being leeched from their teeth when operations are performed. The question is on the minds of dental patients specifically because of the damage heavy metals can do in the human body.

What is heavy metal poisoning? Some very minute amounts of heave metals exist in human bodies already. But when these concentrations are exceeded via outside sources, trouble begins. The risk is so high that heavy metal limits, regulations, are stipulated for work environments and living spaces. When a business owner surpasses the allowed amount, they are subject to repercussions.

Evidence shows that the human brain, immune system and intestinal health are all negatively affected by mercury at certain points. And some non-medical health advocates believe that simply brushing a mercury or silver filling will lead to trace amounts of poison being released in the body, altering long-term and immediate health.

With the rise of multiple diseases in recent years, especially those dealing with brain health, some people are requesting further research into how diseases of the brain, behavioral conditions in children, and even autism might be addressed through the removal of heavy metals and other chemicals (such as dies, food colorings and additives). Some advocates believe that complete removal of offending substances from commonly used products, such as shots given to children and adults, silver fillings and food supplies, is the best answer toward tracing a path: improving the norm for brain and behavioral health.

Dental lasers have risen as one provided medical alternative from dentists like Dr. Payam C. Atail. Atail, a dentist and researcher, is also the director of a dental center. Atail shows how laser dentistry can do the job of removing heavy metal fillings, performing the process in his center.

Natural health advocates suggest additional changes including nutritional changes, possible supplementation and a protocol for healing damage already done. Dr. Tom Mcquire author of “Mercury Detoxification” offers a similar protocol in his work. His series of books on the subject can be found online.

In mercury removal and detoxification, finding the full spectrum of options can lead to a stronger understanding and more confident decision-making. Although there are varied opinions, some advocates on various sides encourage patients to learn as much as possible and to take a strong sense of control when it comes to their long-term health.