Dental Implants to Restore the Missing Teeth

Description of Procedure:

One of the best solutions for those people who have a missing tooth or teeth, but are in good general oral health, dental implants replace both the tooth and the root. Today dental implant is good options to them who want bring their missing teeth to give their face a natural look. This will give a better result which helps you to bite and chew, creates a comfy bite, decreases chances of gum disease enhanced aesthetics, and improved speech.

Dental Implants are titanium biocompatible screws or rods which are embedded into the jawbone. An extension known as abutment is then tenable to the dental implant as a result to put a new dental crown into the jaw, giving you the completely functionality and appear as a natural teeth which will last longer than a lifetime. Implants can fully replace your bridgework, denture or can more professionally support your bridge or denture than any other method. You can either restore all missing teeth with dental implants, or restore them partially with implants that can support bridges or a denture ensuing in fixed or enduring teeth replacements that work and look like real teeth.

How It’s Done:
To replace one tooth, the person should find dental surgeon or an experienced dentist in implants. A screw is surgically implanted inside the bone of the jaw so that it can hold the tooth strongly and give a proper shape of the teeth that give a natural look. Once that implantation is done and, the dentist will place the implant restoration.

To restore the teeth an impression of the existing teeth will be taken and it will send to a dental laboratory. The lab will make a tooth designed particularly to fit in the space and match the size and shape of the remaining healthy teeth. As soon as the implant is finished, the dentist will set the new tooth designed to fit the mouth, and make it to look natural and easy to bite the food what you eat.
After the placement for some day it may be sore and the surrounding gums tender and swollen, to reduce the pain Ibuprofen is given to the patient.

The advantages of dental implantation
• It results just like a natural tooth.
• It has seen as highest success rates among dental restorations
• It provides comfort in feeling and appearance
• Replaces your dentures which results that you can eat, speak and smile well
• Increases the chewing competence over denture or other tooth replacement
• Replaces a single tooth and do not need to get ready the teeth to support a bridge